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Raise money for Charlotte Heptathlon benefiting the Family Impact Fund


Family Impact Fund provides tuition assistance to children from low-income families for high-quality early education and child care, helping parents to maximize their employment or continue their education.

We believe access to high-quality early education and child care interrupts the cycle of poverty, empowering two generations at a time -  parents realize financial sustainability and children are prepared for kindergarten, positioning families for a lifetime of success.


Family Impact Fund recognizes that there are parents who are working the extra hours, taking the well-deserved promotions and receiving the salary increases which will ultimately position their income over the ”benefits cliff” to qualify for their government funded child care subsidy at 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and cause them to lose their financial aid. Without this subsidy, a family’s monthly child care costs can potentially double or triple for one child which can have devastating consequences on their already tight and tenuous budget. Bottomline: these parents can’t afford to take their raise.


Family Impact Fund is currently providing funding to low-income parents/guardians (200% - 250% FPL) who need a viable path to reach self-sufficiency - until income levels reach 300% FPL or over a period of two years, whichever first. Our organization wants to incentivize parents to experience upward mobility without being afraid of losing financial aid for child care and having to compromise the quality of their child care, their ability to work or the security of their job.


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Team information

Double Dragon

Raised: $1,435.00

BeBop and Rocksteady

Raised: $1,050.00


Raised: $262.50

Average J's

Raised: $157.50

Ibex Advisors & BGW

Raised: $131.25


Raised: $105.00


Raised: $105.00


Raised: $105.00

Thicc MAC

Raised: $102.50

HSC Blair&Ohara

Raised: $52.50

HSC Birnbaum

Raised: $52.50


Raised: $52.50

Dad Bods

Raised: $52.50

The Most Stuf

Raised: $46.25

The Sword and the Stoned

Raised: $31.50

Real Bros of Regions

Raised: $26.25

HSC Gray&Wiles

Raised: $26.25

MC Timmer

Raised: $26.25

Agony of Defeet

Raised: $10.50

MuscleBob BuffPants

Raised: $10.00

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Date Name Amount
Feb 11 Anonymous $105.00
Jan 31 morgan Coriale $26.25
Jan 31 Hongyu Chen $10.50
Jan 31 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 31 Jonathan Grooms $105.00
Jan 30 Seth Harward $262.50
Jan 30 Alex Jenkin Undisclosed amount
Jan 30 Anonymous $26.25
Jan 30 Anonymous $105.00
Jan 30 Anonymous $52.50