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Raise money for Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Our vision: Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Our progress is real. The death rate from heart disease and stroke has declined more than 75% over the past six decades. 

Life. We don't want you to miss it.TM

That's why we lead the fight against heart disease and stroke. Our new logo is the face of our deeper transformation and bolder resolve to push even harder, lead greater change and save more lives.


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Team information

Peacock Strong

Raised: $525.00

Fleetwood Fit Feet

Raised: $100.00


Raised: $20.00

Prometheus Private Advisory Group

Raised: $5.00

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 01 Colin To $25.00
Jun 26 Indershini Pillay $20.00
Jun 26 Caitlin Ringland $20.00
Jun 26 Jennifer Brown $20.00
Jun 26 Britt Ivan $20.00
Jun 26 Lory Derfler $20.00
Jun 26 Frances To $20.00
Jun 26 Tommy Kinsman $20.00
Jun 26 Yuko Endo $20.00
Jun 26 Erica Scheurkogel $20.00