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The Tumour Foundation of BC improves the lives of individuals affected by neurofibromatosis (NF) through research, support and education.  NF is a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow on the nerves throughout the body. These tumours are often inoperable and can cause complications such as disfigurement, bone deformities, vision impairment, learning disabilities, and cancer. NF affects more than two million people worldwide, making it more common that Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and Huntington’s disease combined. There is no cure for NF


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Tumour Foundation of BC

Raised: $1,845.00


Raised: $130.00

Team Noah

Raised: $100.00

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Jun 29 Doug Grant $50.00
Jun 29 Bonnie Meisner $20.00
Jun 29 Tyler Mill $20.00
Jun 29 Lyn Peterson $20.00
Jun 29 Kathy Van Beest $20.00
Jun 29 Premtim Plakolli $20.00
Jun 26 Jeta Rugova-Plakolli $20.00
Jun 26 Dominick Canard $20.00
Jun 26 Robert Canard $20.00
Jun 26 Jill Taylor $20.00