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My Story…

Although so many things have changed in the world over the past few months, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for the Vancouver Humane Society to continue their work to protect animals from abuse, neglect and distress. I hope you’ll support me as I run a solo 5km (“virtual race”) to help Vancouver Humane help animals!


Your support will help us advocate on behalf of all animals! Our work specifically focuses on farmed animal welfare, animals kept in captivity, such as zoos and aquariums, animals used in entertainment, such as rodeos and sled dogs and helping individuals on low income with the costs of veterinary expenses for their companion animals.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 24 Colin Sanders Excellent initiative you are involved with! Well done!🐶😺🐳🦌 $50.00
Jul 23 Cathy Triplett Hope you reach your goal 🥰 $50.00
May 19 Maya Sanders $50.00
May 06 Natalia Lima You're a badass! $25.00
May 06 Nicole Oneill $50.00
May 06 Stephen Wells Go Liberty! $50.00
May 05 Catherine Triplett $100.00
May 05 Sarah Boddez Love. $25.00
May 05 Rachel Huggard $50.00
May 05 Lisa Sweeting do well, be well $50.00