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Mental Health

Raise money for Mental Health

Run for a healthy high, running energises you and can give you a high self-esteem, promotes better sleep and good sleep hygiene.  Running also protects the brain from ageing.  It distracts you from negative thoughts and increases creativity.  Running improves pain endurance and management and fosters a good sense of accomplishment.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jan 13 Anonymous $100.00
Jan 13 Keston Adolphe $25.00
Jan 12 Anonymous $5.00
Jan 12 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 12 Anonymous $10.00
Jan 11 Anonymous $25.00
Jan 10 Anonymous $10.00
Jan 10 Anonymous $50.00
Jan 10 Anonymous $25.00
Jan 09 Mary Massy $25.00