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Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy

Raise money for Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy

Recall the great Ethiopian runners: Abebe Bikila, Haile Gebreselassie, Meseret Defar. Now your friends are running and walking to help feed and educate Ethiopian children. Fresh and Green Academy takes in kids who would otherwise be begging on the streets. They receive food, medical care and the education that allows them to break the cycle of poverty. Their at-risk mothers are taught vocational skills, empowering their future. Please support your runner with a donation.


We are running and walking to show you the kind of effort we put into raising money to feed and educate children in Ethiopia. These kids would not otherwise have a chance to go to school, and we help their mothers learn vocational skills that they will practice to help feed their families in the future.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 01 Juanita King $20.00
Oct 31 Betty Ann Cosman $30.00
Oct 31 Bill King $25.00
Sep 26 Rahel Thank you for running for a great cause!! The team is cheering for you! $100.00
Sep 09 Neil Jones $20.00
Sep 09 Marla Cosman $20.00
Sep 01 Anonymous $500.00
Jun 29 Neil Jones Congrats on your half-marathon this weekend. A stepping stone to the big prize: full marathon on October 18th! Great to support your kids! $500.00
May 31 Judy Davidson-Martin Good luck, Sammy! $50.00
May 25 Marla Cosman $25.00