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Hesperus Village

Raise money for Hesperus Village

Hesperus Village is a model for aging in community. Our residents come from diverse backgrounds. 

Through a partnership with a local shelter and CMHA York Region some of our units are assigned to 

help seniors that might otherwise be challenged to find a home. The third stage of life offers the unique 

potential for continued development that can only emerge after having ‘experienced life’. We create 

caring and social environments for seniors to live and create their third act together


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 20 Gerald & Deborah Zei & Wilson $25.00
Nov 20 Bonita Hietala $50.00
Nov 20 Laura & Marco Loberto $100.00
Nov 19 Mary Jane and Christopher $130.00
Nov 19 Ingrid Wharton $25.00
Nov 19 Janice Mann $18.00
Nov 17 Isabella & Julian Tedesco $100.00
Nov 17 Martin Smith & Tim Hindman With warmest birthday greetings and blessings in abundance! Martin & Tim Undisclosed amount
Nov 17 Howard Back $100.00
Nov 14 Douglas Wylie Go Renate!! $25.00