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Help Cecilia raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race 2020

My Story…

The purpose of my run is to fund-raise for a youth organization that I participating for over 15 years. Across U-hub is a place that has nurtured me to be a better person in different ways: from being a 'yelling' to a reflective (maybe loving) mom; from a complain person to a more passionate and responsible employer; from a person who's scared of conflict to still wants to stand for the unheard and unjust (🖐☝️); from an imperfect human to person continuously pursue the Only Perfect One.


I'm eager for my son, and more youth to experience and receive the same support, I did in Across.


Across U-hub aims at building resilience in youth. This mission requires dedicated staff, professional support, resources, and, of course, solid funding to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. As a community organization nurturing East Asian youth, Across U-hub is committed to embrace resilience as an intentional and proactive step to address the social and emotional needs of our young people and to equip them to be future leaders. Your full support in raising a new generation of resiliency and excellence is important to our work. 


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 20 Anonymous $800.00
Nov 18 Maria Yau $100.00
Oct 24 Anonymous $100.00
Oct 24 Anonymous $80.00
Oct 24 Becky 💪 $50.00
Oct 23 Rachel Add oil $250.00
Oct 23 Jack Pang Keep going never give up $25.00
Oct 22 Anonymous $100.00
Oct 22 Josh L Happy to help Cecilia. Seems like a wonderful cause! Wishing you all the best towards your goals; now and always! $25.00
Oct 21 Anonymous Undisclosed amount