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Help Kitty raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race 2020

My Story…

We need positive energy to overcome the year 2020. Across U-hub gathered 60 local and overseas members to participate in this year's Toronto Marathon. Our goal is to complete a combined distance of 2020 km. Let’s join efforts in running across 2020 with perseverance, resilience and hope.  I'll be contirubing my 78km of 2020km

I'm a slow runner, I have only finished half-marathons before, this virtual race is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity where I can run the full marathon in the Whole Shebang! I will be breaking up my distances in segments, be persistence and run almost daily.

Across U-hub is an organization that touches my heart since I was at university age.  I'm running to keep this organization sustainable, I'm running to keep myself fit (and to lose my COVID weight), I'm running to inspire my kids to exercise, I'm running to stay happy (yay endorphin)!! 

In the end, I like to give my 42K medal to my husband (cuz likely he will be running alongside with us, taking photographs), my 21K medal to my daughter (just cuz... sitting in a stroller while I run is hard work!), and I will keep the 10K medal to myself.  My 5-year-old son is also running his own 5K race and will get his own (earned) 5K medal, it will be his achievement and I'm so excited for him.  With the collection of medals, we will turn ourselves into a Marathon Family! (hahahaha sorta)



Across U-hub aims at building resilience in youth. This mission requires dedicated staff, professional support, resources, and, of course, solid funding to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. As a community organization nurturing East Asian youth, Across U-hub is committed to embrace resilience as an intentional and proactive step to address the social and emotional needs of our young people and to equip them to be future leaders. Your full support in raising a new generation of resiliency and excellence is important to our work. 


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 18 Maria Yau $100.00
Nov 10 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Nov 10 Mary Lee and Paul Yick Add Oil ! $100.00
Nov 05 James M $100.00
Nov 01 Caron Wong Well done! Kitty and Lucas! $25.00
Oct 31 Anonymous $50.00
Oct 30 Angela & Robin’s family Too much oil..... slip trip and fall?? $25.00
Oct 28 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 28 Gary Love your inspiration and shared goals. 加油呀!!! Go Kitty go!!! $80.00
Oct 23 Alfred and Anna Go Kitty go!! $50.00