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Help Rachel raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race 2020

My Story…


Hello everyone! I hope y’all had a great time with your loved ones this thanksgiving and ate lots of food together.

I’m writing this post to say I’ll be running this month to help raise money for Urban Promise Toronto. Let’s help them meet their goal of $90,000! I’ll be running lots as per my plan in the photos and hope to raise $1 per 10 meters of running ($5,500 total). Fun challenges as special requests after donating can be found in more detail below. 


What is Urban Promise?

They are an organization that helps raise children in Toronto community housing for low income households in a safe and caring place, walking through life with them every step of the way. When the children become youth, they usually come back as leaders to care for the next generation fueling a continuous cycle that restores the community from with in. With their help, those living in vulnerable areas are protected from lack of resources, broken families and violence. Urban Promise supports not only the children in the program but their whole families by introducing them to the love and hope of Jesus so that they can grow up to break the destructive cycles their families may have been on for a long time. With this in mind, they employ afterschool programs and summer camps to help kids with their homework, give them snacks, and look after them when no one else can.


Reasons for Helping

I found out about Urban Promise at church and was prompted to go on a mission trip there in the summer of 2017 and 2019 to be the extra hands of help to the leaders who were working with the kids all summer. Immediately, I was drawn to how nice the kids were and how welcoming both them and the leaders were even when we just met them on the first day. I noticed how close the leaders were with the kids and how they seemed like a family to each other, caring for each other and discipling them when necessary. On the outside, it just seemed like a fun camp where people grow close and have fun but, on the inside, a lot of them came from broken families. Sometimes the kids and leaders would share a bit of their personal life and I’d be reminded of their situation. It was really shocking to find out from their stories that though we live in a pretty wealthy place here in Toronto but there were still plenty of people locally that need our help.

Sadly, due to COVID-19, helping them out has changed a lot and I can no longer go and visit them, so I decided to help them fundraise! Even if I can’t support them from where they are, I hope to be able to help them from afar. Also, as I plus, I get some motivation to do cardio! (Eeew running T-T)


Donation Details

Please donate right above this section by clicking the buttons! For some added incentive for donating, I thought maybe it would be interesting to do some weird things for your entertainment if you choose to donate. To request a challenge, either message me directly or put the challenge in the message box when you go to donate.

Here are some challenge ideas if you can’t think of any:

- Naruto Running

- High knees

- Singing a song while I run

I’ll be filming and posting them so feel free to make it spicy (but also appropriate). Remember, every bit counts, your $5 could buy them chips for snacks! (The kids love snacks; I’ve seen 5 of them demolish a bag of chips in record time oMnOMnOM)


Children living in Toronto Community Housing want what any kid wants...

>To be known, accepted and valued.

>To become just like their role models.

>To dream.

They're up against some tough realities...

>material poverty

>lack of resources

>destructive cycles

>broken families

>lure of drugs

>threat of violence

Which can make them feel unworthy, defeated, angry, hopeless.


Join The Run for Promise Team - Raise funds supporting programs where children are known, accepted and valued by positive role models, providing opportunities to dream.


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 31 Faith Moo! Undisclosed amount
Oct 31 Faith Mooo!!!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 30 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 29 Amanda Chow Keep it up Your challenge is to read the Lord's Prayer in chinese. $100.00
Oct 28 Tommy Leung Good luck Rachael Uncle Tommy $250.00
Oct 28 TC Rachel's hope and kindness are contagious. All the best to her and our future leaders. Undisclosed amount
Oct 28 Lisa Leung Good luck! $100.00
Oct 27 Clare $25.00
Oct 26 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 26 Anonymous $25.00