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My Story…

Hi Friends!

I came up with the idea of joining a 5K charity run while I was stuck in quarantine (depending on the situation, I might actually still be in quarantine when you’re reading this). I’ve always wanted to join a run/marathon and I thought it would be great if I could help some people along the way. So, I went online and convinced my sister and our friend to join the Scotiabank Charity Challenge! We decided to pick a charity that’s helping a cause that is close to all of our hearts. The Gatehouse is a charity in Toronto that helps support adult survivors of sexual abuse. The Gatehouse provide support groups, art therapy, and other resources for survivors and their partners. Childhood sexual abuse impacts a person and doesn’t stop after childhood. Individuals may experience depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and poor self-esteem.

We are dedicating this run to help people who are struggling/impacted by childhood sexual abuse. I hope you're able to support us!


Help us keep helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Your support helps others find their voice, connect and heal from childhood sexual abuse trauma.

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