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Help Chilli raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race 2020

My Story…

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, but my belief and hope for our future generations remain unchanged. 

Running for Across U-hub during COVID-19 this year makes it more challenging and meaningful at the same time! Personally, I never thought that I could be so disciplined and consistent. Since Oct 1st, I have completed 202.0km. I have run with the resilience I have gained over the past 17 years being a volunteer at Across U-hub. As a community at Across, we decided to seize this chance for building positive energy towards the end of 2020, a tough and challenging year for many of us. Across U-hub has gathered 60 local and overseas members to participate in this year's Toronto Marathon. Our goal is to complete a combined distance of 2020km. With the joint efforts, with perseverance, resilience and hope!

Across U-hub has been very creative in response to COVID. Staff and volunteers has transfered many programs online, continuing to provide holistic support to the youth during COVID. It's extremely challenging for a non-profit organization to sustain its services; without the finanical support from the annual fundraising gala made it even harder.  Our fundraising goal is $50,000 this year!


I sincerely hope you can support this meaningful organization which had help hundreds of youth every year (I was one of them 😉 )   


Across U-hub aims at building resilience in youth. This mission requires dedicated staff, professional support, resources, and, of course, solid funding to ensure its effectiveness and sustainability. As a community organization nurturing East Asian youth, Across U-hub is committed to embrace resilience as an intentional and proactive step to address the social and emotional needs of our young people and to equip them to be future leaders. Your full support in raising a new generation of resiliency and excellence is important to our work. 


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 20 Vincci Undisclosed amount
Nov 19 Anonymous $1,320.00
Nov 18 Maria Yau $100.00
Nov 09 Joyce Tong $25.00
Nov 07 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Nov 06 M McLean Sorry to be late on this, and congratulations on all your work to support Across U-hub! $50.00
Nov 05 Anonymous $35.00
Nov 05 James M $150.00
Nov 04 Lori Nave $25.00
Nov 04 Anonymous $25.00