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Imagine growing up in a neighbourhood where violence, poverty and crime are the norm. Where it is not expected that you will achieve your goals, so you don’t bother setting them. Where no matter how hard you work, you face barriers based on your race, gender, or socioeconomic status. 

Now imagine someone gave you a chance. Taught you how to set goals and showed you a way to achieve them. Imagine you were taught strategies that could be transferred to your life at home, at school and in your future. Imagine you were challenged, and held accountable, and knew that someone always had your back and was cheering for you to succeed. 

This is Trails. We inspire hope and remove barriers. We help vulnerable youth achieve their full potential, break the cycle of poverty and change their lives and the lives of future generations. And we need YOUR help!

Partner with us through this year's STWM and make a difference for our kids in October 2020. No matter what distance you run, your fundraising will change lives!

Contact Janelle at to get your registration code and join the Trails team.

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