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Aura Freedom is a grassroots women's organization that works to eradicate gender-based violence and human trafficking through advocacy and education. We work with a diverse group of allies to achieve our goals. Through education, advocacy, research, training, and partnership-building, Aura Freedom has implemented sustainable projects preventing and addressing gender-based violence and human trafficking in both Canada and South Asia. Our work has advanced gender equality, empowered marginalized women and given survivors anti-oppressive access to crucial services. Aura Freedom is a champion for grassroots action. We are a non-governmental organization with no religious ties seeking to create long-lasting, systemic change by addressing the root causes of gender-based violence and advancing equity. We are of the firm belief that when women and girls are educated and empowered, they become powerful catalysts for positive change whose success benefits everyone around them.


Aura Freedom has a loyal following in Toronto as we are an active local charity. For this campaign, we will harness our social media following, our local networks, our staff/volunteers and our Board of Directors to recruit as many participants as possible. Our Director of Development is a fundraising professional with experience running large campaigns and organizing huge events, including fundraising sporting events. She is committed to implementing a powerful marketing plan to attract participants and raise big money for Aura Freedom. These activities will start as soon as we have confirmation of partnership and run regularly until the day of the marathon and even afterwards as we share photos and results of the day.

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