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For participating in Sporting Life 10k Virtual Run

Our story

This is the 7th consecutive year that the St. Pius X Catholic School has put together a team to run the Sporting Life 10K. In 2014 Maya Kim, a St. Pius X student, was undergoing her second bone marrow transplant to fight a secondary cancer, a result of all the chemo she received as a 4 year old while fighting Neuroblastoma. Her teachers, classmates, parents, friends and the school community put together the “St Pius X – Team Maya Kim” as they knew how much Ooch meant to Maya. Sebastian Peichl was a Gr 1 student who died in 2017 of an aggressive brain tumor. His 6th birthday party was organized by Camp OOCH and Sebastian celebrated with his family, classmates, friends and parents of the St Pius X Community.” This year the name of the team has changed to “St Pius X Fights Kids’ Cancer” to honour Maya, Sebastian and other students and families affected by childhood cancer. Please support us so kids like Maya and Sebastian can enjoy the magic of Ooch.


Kids affected by childhood cancer still need the chance to just be kids!

A diagnosis of childhood cancer is a big, scary, sudden swerve in the road, changing life in an instant. 

For affected families, it can feel like everything is about cancer. Simple, childhood joys like friendships, birthday parties, or sports teams are left behind in the need for medical appointments, hospital stays, and long absences from school.

For over 35 years, Camp Ooch has offered a different path – the healing power of fun, friendship and self-confidence, and the joy of kids getting to just be kids! 

Often referred to as the social cure for cancer, Ooch provides programming at an overnight camp in Muskoka, at SickKids in Toronto, in specialized paediatric centres and in communities across Ontario. Camp Ooch is the only overnight camp in Canada to offer onsite IV chemotherapy and blood transfusions. 

Camp Ooch is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that relies exclusively on the generous support of fundraisers, corporate donors and individuals, like you.

Ooch changes the lives of over 1,800 kids affected by childhood cancer every year. However, almost 80% of kids with cancer in Ontario don’t have access to the wonders of camp. You can help change that.

Cancer changes a child's life.  So does Camp.  And so can you.

We still run for Ooch!

Team members

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 31 Reggie Undisclosed amount
May 29 Laura $32.77
May 28 Rehana Markar Keep up the good work Ira $54.24
May 28 Ruth $22.03
May 28 Blair & DIane Munn Good luck Undisclosed amount
May 27 Iryna Trafiak $107.91
May 26 Mike Ferguson Good luck with your virtual run for this great cause! $54.24
May 26 Diana Ly $54.24
May 25 Richard Gore $32.77
May 13 The Altamira Foundation $1,250.00