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Goal: CA$12,000.00

Raise money for Love Puppies

Love Puppies assists multiple dog-related charities to attain their goals in a variety of ways; by bringing people together in various venues to raise public awareness and fundraising, in an effort to end the inhumane treatment of dogs in Canada. Love Puppies' main focus is to end Puppy Mills in Canada. Puppy mills are a cruel multi-million industry that thrives by commercially breeding dogs in horrible conditions and selling them online or in pet stores. Our focus is to raise funds to assist 4 main ways to raise awareness, funds for large scale rescue efforts, promoting adoption and impacting change in our community.

Proceeds raised from the Yorkville Run in 2019 will be donated to the Friends of Humane Society International to stop the inhumane treatment of Dogs in Puppy mills.

Friends of Humane Society International Canada: Founded in 1993, Friends of Humane Society International (Friends of HSI) is the charitable arm of HSI Canada and a proud member of the Humane Society International (HSI) family of organizations. Together, we make up one of the largest and most effective forces for animal protection in the world.

Our primary mission is the protection of animals, the prevention of cruelty and relief of suffering to animals. Working with our affiliates, Friends of HSI helps animals in need of immediate assistance and prevents cruelty before it occurs.

We are one of the hardest working organizations in the animal protection movement and our programs create lasting change that improves the lives of millions of animals, while our direct animal rescue work saves dogs and cats from the worst kinds of cruelty and neglect.

Donors just like you are the foundation upon which all of our work is based–– we simply couldn’t do any of this lifesaving work without your support. Because of your generous donations, Friends of HSI is changing the world for animals every single day.