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Girls E-Mentorship (GEM) is a top 100 rated charity offering unparalleled opportunities for high-school girls to build professional skills, breakthrough socio-economic barriers and achieve their goals. GEM's research-based mentorship program was founded in 2012 by Rochelle de Goias-Jackman, from a vision where all young women have the opportunity to succeed, despite any barriers they face. 

The core program was developed with educators, social workers and policy experts in conjunction with high-school girls using a collaborative design-thinking methodology. Based on a model of continuous improvement, the program utilizes frequent assessment and evaluation to ensure its ongoing effectiveness and relevance. Additional sponsored internships and scholarships are available to those who have completed the program, offering a qualified first step towards their future. 

GEM is proud to have their work peer reviewed and published in the Children and Youth Services Review and featured in The Chronicle of Evidence Based Mentoring. GEM works closely with the University of Toronto to publish annual impact assessments. 

Currently, 70% of applicants are turned away due to lack of funding. Invest in the next generation of girls. Take action and join the GEM team! #mentorshipmatters  

Young women facing socioeconomic barriers have limited resources putting them at a distinct disadvantage in the evolving workforce. GEM helps young women unlock their potential and gain vital career skills, building a stronger future for themselves, and a more prosperous Canada.

70% of applicants to GEM are turned away each year due to lack of funding. Your support will invest in equal opportunity for girls to create social change and make an economic impact. Thank you for investing in the next generation of girls.