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Raise money for Shaarei Tefillah

Shaarei Tefillah is experiencing an exciting renaissance and rebirth under the passionate leadership of Rabbi Rafi and Shira Lipner. We are much more than a community; we are a family that seeks relevant inspiration and personal growth nurtured through kindness, strong Jewish values and a warm welcoming community. We are a destination for people from diverse Jewish backgrounds who share a common desire to belong to and help strengthen a community.  STC truly is the place to be, and we are no longer simply crawling along, but running forward towards an exciting future ahead.

We invite you to not only run for us, but come run with us, join us and support us as we create this vision together.

You can join as an individual runner, put together a team to run, or find your favourite runner and encourage him or her with your support.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

STC Bar Boys 2020

Raised: CA$4,039.28

Adam Run Club

Raised: CA$2,027.64

Roth Runners

Raised: CA$1,801.57

Gold Runners

Raised: CA$1,697.16

Team Kirzner

Raised: CA$1,011.97

Burgers With Extra Pickles

Raised: CA$876.09

Kahn Family

Raised: CA$821.72

Team Brandt

Raised: CA$679.49

Team Novak

Raised: CA$516.37


Raised: CA$200.00

By Dave

Raised: CA$144.46

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Nov 02 Freda Band CA$100.00
Nov 02 Ira Band CA$100.00
Nov 02 Freda Band CA$100.00
Nov 02 Ira Band CA$100.00
Nov 02 Anonymous CA$100.00
Nov 02 Mark Halperin CA$180.00
Nov 01 Shelley Fine CA$37.18
Nov 01 Queenie and Sol Nayman Undisclosed amount
Oct 30 Michael freedman Good luck in your first run! CA$53.11
Oct 30 Anonymous Undisclosed amount