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Our story…

Team Constantine is raising money for The Penelope Neuroblastoma Foundation.

Help us raise money for participating in Constantine Yorkville Run

Team members

Click on one of our team members below to make a donation.

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Edward Rogers

Raised: CA$19,639.07

Jack Rogers

Raised: CA$14,029.85

Roger Rai

Raised: CA$10,329.21

Sean Rai

Raised: CA$5,187.82

David Lubotta**

Raised: CA$4,685.46

Shawna Rai

Raised: CA$3,683.22

Madison Rai

Raised: CA$1,708.77

Robert Hiscox

Raised: CA$1,629.04

Team captain

Jon MacDonald

Raised: CA$1,187.72

Chris Donlan

Raised: CA$738.60

Lina White

Raised: CA$723.50

Dechen Chukdong

Raised: CA$573.95

Elena Pugliese

Raised: CA$508.31

Lindsay Flattery

Raised: CA$433.22

Melinda Machado

Raised: CA$300.95

Shar Rai

Raised: CA$269.32

Samantha Osorio

Raised: CA$203.68

Stella Pugliese

Raised: CA$138.03

Peter King

Raised: CA$113.31

Sofia Pugliese

Raised: CA$110.23

Craig Donlan

Raised: CA$108.31

Sam Pugliese

Raised: CA$82.43

Andrew Lovesey

Raised: CA$54.63

Andrew Duckman

Raised: CA$0.00

D’Arcy Flattery

Raised: CA$0.00

Gracie King

Raised: CA$0.00

Jason Arbuck

Raised: CA$0.00

Jeff Cameron

Raised: CA$0.00

Sam King

Raised: CA$0.00

Sandra King

Raised: CA$0.00

Spencer King

Raised: CA$0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 29 Tetyana Popova Undisclosed amount
Sep 28 Mark mcginnis Undisclosed amount
Sep 27 Wilk CA$215.65
Sep 27 Bob & Judie CA$54.63
Sep 26 Shauna B In loving memory of the sweet angel Penelope and all the good work you are doing. 💖 CA$108.31
Sep 26 Alex K Run David Run!! CA$269.32
Sep 25 Rritual Mushrooms CA$269.32
Sep 25 Anonymous CA$269.32
Sep 25 Daniel Ages Undisclosed amount
Sep 25 Joe Natale CA$269.32