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My Story…

For those of you who know Josephine, you know she loves life, and enjoys every moment, regardless of the situation. She loves singing into her microphone, making up her own songs, and dancing like no one is watching. Joie had her first clonic tonic seizure when she was ten months old. Her myoclonic/atypical seizures started a few months after that. We had no clue what we were doing, and when we thought we had a break in her seizures, they came back full force, and gave us the scare of our lives. With test after test, and trial and error of different meds, Josephine has been seizure free for almost two months, and we couldn't be more thankful!! But, more needs to be done. So much is unknown about epilepsy, and so much more research needs to be done, especially in rare cases like Jo's. We want her to be seizure free for the rest of her life, and continue dancing like no one is watching! Thank YOU for your support; we could not have made it through the last year without all of you!

Donate to help Josephine raise money for Seize the Moment Run 2020’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Feb 05 Miriam Lofling Love from Uncle Bob and Aunt Liz $107.35
Feb 02 Uncle Doug & Aunt Patty $107.35
Feb 01 Nicole Zanni I love when we all work together towards a meaningful goal. Let’s go full force! $54.10
Feb 01 Shannan Copeland You guys rock and I love y’all very much! Find a cure! ❤️ $107.35
Jan 30 Rhonda weltz Be fierce, be strong and rejoice in all the people who love you. $54.10
Jan 30 Liz Carter $107.35
Jan 30 Matthew Moyer $54.10
Jan 30 Monica Hojda For little Joie and those young people, may the Foundation help you to be free to dance , play and enjoy life. $27.48
Jan 30 Jace and Luke Lindsay We love you Josephine. $54.10
Jan 30 Michelle Risse Love to you Joie! $160.60