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Mercy Project

Raise money for Mercy Project

All runners have the opprotunity to support our partner charities:

Mercy Project, based in Bryan/College Station, is working to eradicate child slavery in Ghana, Africa. To do this, they are implementing economic development projects in various villages and communities in Ghana where an estimated 7,000 children work as modern day slaves. These new economic opportunities give an alternative to the forced child labor present today. To learn more, visit


Fit360 stands on the pillars of Strong Bodies, Strong Minds, and Strong Futures. The program seeks to promote proper health and nutrution by actively working with grade school children by offering free and low-cost medical care, camps, afterschool programs, and educational opprotunities. Fit360 also partners with Texas A&M Athletes, students, and partner team memebers to provide mentorship as well. 


Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Feb 03 Arkadiusz Dul $27.64
Feb 03 Jason Werner $27.64
Feb 03 Anonymous $27.64
Feb 02 Anonymous $6.25
Feb 01 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 30 Anonymous $54.36
Jan 28 Baili Rhodes $54.36
Jan 28 Anonymous $27.64
Jan 27 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jan 25 Isabel Wormington $6.25