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Cayman Islands Crisis Centre

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Our Vision, Our Mission

Our vision is lofty – to close our doors forever because our services are no longer needed.
If we are going to end the cycle of violence forever, we view the issue of family violence holistically.

We see the trauma inflicted on children and the long term effects of family violence on them as they become adults.

To this end, our mission is:

  • To provide safe shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children
  • To provide a 24-7 Crisis Helpline and a TalkLine for anyone in distress or just needing someone to talk to
  • To provide aftercare support to the former shelter clients
  • To offer counselling and aftercare support to our shelter clients and other members of the public
  • To educate the community on what family violence is and what healthy relationships are
  • To be an advocate for the often voiceless victims of violence.

We believe that violence against anyone should not be tolerated – whether it be against a woman, a child or a man.