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For participating in Miles for Migraine - Cleveland 2020

My Story…

I struggle with migraines horribly. When they hit I have to lay in my room with no lights on, no noise and I can almost not even move. I have been in and out of the ER too many times to count to try to get relief from them. I now go to Cleveland Clinic to get help with them. I get around 36-38 shots in my head (botox). Very uncomfortable. The the neurologist I see has even prescribed me shots for when they get so bad. So my mom has to get me shots when I cannot handle the migraine. I would love to help fund research for this. If we could find a better way to get rid of all the migraines without all the shots and all the doctor visits, it would be so amazing. It would not only make me extremely happy, but it would also help out so many people. So, please think about helping out. No matter the amount. Anything works. It all goes to an amazing place doing amazing research.

Donate to help Samantha raise money for Miles for Migraine - Cleveland 2020’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 15 Dave Young $21.30
Jul 12 Miles for migraines or Cleveland clinic Sam is my cousin and I would love to donate to a cause that has helped her with migraines. $10.87
Jul 10 Hadley Fam $21.30
Jul 09 Heather Mills Love you Phi Mu sister! $53.24
Jul 01 Laura $21.30
Jun 30 Kaylee Smith $15.97
Jun 29 Grandma $21.30
Jun 29 Kim Kelley $26.62
Jun 29 Mindy Lause $26.62
Jun 29 David $26.62