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As you all may know, I'm a SCAD survivor. Over Memorial Day Weekend in 2017--at just 32 years old and 7 weeks postpartum--I experienced a SCAD heart attack and spent three days in the hospital. But I'm lucky. My experience was very mild compared to others' and I've made an almost-full recovery. However, SCAD can reoccur, and because so little is known about it, more research is needed to identify the cause(s) and the best treatment options. That's why I'm proud to be participating in the inaugural NC 5K SCADaddle for Research race. If you're feeling generous and would like to support this cause, I would be very grateful. Any amount is appreciated and will go a long way to helping more folks can understand, prevent, and treat this crazy phenomenon. Thanks, everyone! I'm participating in this fundraiser in honor of my three-year-old son, Sebastian. He's an amazing little dude and I'm super proud to be his mom.

Donate to help Nicole raise money for North Carolina 5K SCADaddle for Research’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Feb 25 Kevin McKenna $11.50
Feb 20 Summer Starling & Francesco Aimone We're thrilled to support Nicole! $54.10
Feb 18 Brigitte Todd $27.48
Feb 17 Adam Waxman $250.00