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Help us raise money for participating in Ride/5K 2020

Team members

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Sharda Siew

Raised: $1,106.89


Raised: $664.96

Stein Agaberg

Raised: $404.10

Deborah Dollar

Raised: $388.93

Nick Bennett

Raised: $377.48

Julian Whitehurst

Raised: $367.10

Margo Moeder

Raised: $312.30

Chris Barry

Raised: $207.35

Kara Miedona

Raised: $181.58

Shira Matisak

Raised: $179.96


Raised: $154.10

Kella Schaible

Raised: $154.10

Team captain

Debra Dabrowski

Raised: $127.48

Meghan Laux

Raised: $111.50

Angela Harris

Raised: $100.00

Christopher Tessitore

Raised: $100.00

Ivette Cordero

Raised: $100.00

Kristin Szalajko

Raised: $100.00

Robyn Sherer

Raised: $100.00

Russell Shelton

Raised: $100.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 15 Jill Fussell Go Meghan!! $11.50
Oct 12 Maria Kostka $25.00
Oct 11 Kim B Have a great run! Kudos to your company for the match - yay! $22.15
Oct 11 Bryan and Dana Disbro $27.48
Oct 10 Kimmie F. Such a great cause. Happy to Help. XOXOXO $22.15
Oct 09 Lauren Proud to help, Proud to know you!! $54.10
Oct 09 Carol Murray Undisclosed amount
Oct 09 Julie M Barone XOXO $27.48
Oct 08 Anna McD $27.48
Oct 08 Pam Dorman Go Mari! $27.48