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Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Raise money for Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

The Mission of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance is to promote awareness and early detection of ovarian cancer through advocacy and education while providing support to people affected by ovarian cancer.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Sue

Raised: $14,010.81


Raised: $11,151.31

Team Glenda

Raised: $9,114.67

Sadie Sadie Married Lady

Raised: $7,901.44

Trudy's Teal Team

Raised: $7,079.70

G-Strong TEAL There’s A Cure

Raised: $5,117.96

Nicki's Circle Team

Raised: $4,228.13

Queen's Team

Raised: $4,122.15


Raised: $3,796.12

Kappas Who Kare

Raised: $3,725.00

Team Vicki A

Raised: $3,667.40

We Heart Jayme!

Raised: $3,148.42

Team Karen

Raised: $2,826.25

Team Bems

Raised: $2,817.16

Mary's Smile (in Memory of Mary Herbert)

Raised: $2,558.63

Team NanaFlora

Raised: $2,552.82

Ova The Top in Teal

Raised: $2,274.56

Bonnie’s Brigade

Raised: $1,979.93

Ova' Cancer

Raised: $1,827.29

University Gynecologic Oncology Teal We Find A Cure

Raised: $1,637.45

Team Teal Turtles

Raised: $1,632.98

Kickin’ Asphalt for Nancy

Raised: $1,315.48

Kings, Queens and Inbetweens

Raised: $1,311.45

Jennifers Joggers

Raised: $1,306.45

Team Jan & Liz

Raised: $1,295.86

Mary's Team

Raised: $1,221.80

Teal Troopers

Raised: $1,189.06

Team Grateful

Raised: $1,158.65

Moss Adams

Raised: $926.54

Jan's Jammers

Raised: $898.64

Tiff's Teal Party!!!

Raised: $875.87

Totally Teal T-Rexes

Raised: $831.12

Remembering Sue Abbott

Raised: $699.90

Good Ol'-Fashioned Gladiators

Raised: $669.35

Team Susan

Raised: $642.35

Ovasaurus Rex

Raised: $638.36

Nancy's Never Giving Up!

Raised: $597.57

Team Bev

Raised: $572.90

GLO, giving light to ovarian cancer

Raised: $534.20

Laureen's Hope

Raised: $509.95

GSK 2020

Raised: $482.81


Raised: $458.39

Steps in Memory of Sandy

Raised: $436.30

VCA Woof Walkers

Raised: $430.26

Team Kathy Summers

Raised: $428.55

Nancy's Hope

Raised: $422.90

Rhoda''s Rowdies

Raised: $420.46

Team Jeanene

Raised: $407.79

Vicki's Tribe

Raised: $352.09


Raised: $300.00


Raised: $297.99

Team Kellie

Raised: $295.96

Butterflies for Marla

Raised: $294.58

Teal Tumornators

Raised: $277.00

Mom's Chemosabees

Raised: $268.80

Beat It, Berta Beat It

Raised: $267.10


Raised: $259.92

Silent But Deadly

Raised: $200.00

Team Telly

Raised: $195.74


Raised: $188.16

Ovary Achievers

Raised: $184.45

Team Hansen

Raised: $162.31

Nana's Troop

Raised: $162.31

Teal to Heal

Raised: $162.30

Team Gigi

Raised: $161.45

Bees and Dub

Raised: $156.98

Patricia's Pals

Raised: $154.10


Raised: $140.15

Jaci's Joggers

Raised: $134.83

Team Marti Z

Raised: $134.83

It's a Cat Fight!

Raised: $131.21

Erica's Team: We Love Eggs

Raised: $120.56


Raised: $120.56

The Turquoise Turtles

Raised: $118.85


Raised: $114.10


Raised: $109.06

Team LaLa

Raised: $107.35

Marsha's Team of Angels

Raised: $107.35

Birds Nest

Raised: $107.35

Andi's Angels

Raised: $100.00

Helen's Team

Raised: $81.58

Kim's Rays

Raised: $81.58

Team Mama V

Raised: $54.10

Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust

Raised: $54.10

Holly's Habaneros

Raised: $54.10

Team KK

Raised: $52.48

Jo Ann

Raised: $50.00

Harriet's Heartstrings

Raised: $50.00

Teal for Tanya

Raised: $27.48

Team Abbey

Raised: $27.48

Trish’s Storm

Raised: $27.48

Wicker’s Warriors

Raised: $16.83

Team Eeny

Raised: $16.83

Marty's Memory

Raised: $12.36

Sky Ridge Medical Center

Raised: $11.50

Sandi’s Goddesses

Raised: $11.50

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 30 Rhys Hanson Have to see the tally hit $200,000 tonight! $64.75
Jun 30 Clarissa Constantine $27.48
Jun 30 Anonymous Anonymous $25.00
Jun 30 Shane & Megan Henry $107.35
Jun 29 Kay Martley $25.00
Jun 28 Jennifer McPherson Hollie's Touchstone Crystal Fundraiser $286.59
Jun 28 Susan Marcus Jeanne, thank you for the opportunity to support you and others! $54.10
Jun 28 Tracy Guth $54.10
Jun 26 Johnny Jumper Great job, Jennifer!! Atta girl, Beth!! Undisclosed amount
Jun 25 Amused Woman Studios Love you Hollie and I hope this helps in the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Undisclosed amount