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Raise money for Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy

The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) advocates for equitable policies for people with headache disorders.

The ADHA is comprised of nonprofit organizations who are vitally concerned about the health of patients with headache disorders including migraine disease, cluster headaches, chronic daily headache, new daily persistent headache and tension-type headaches.

Since 2007, AHDA has advocated consistently for increased recognition of, and more equitable federal policies toward Americans with disabling headache disorders. These advocacy efforts have been expressed through annual Headache on the Hill (HOH) congressional fly-in events in Washington, DC, as well as multiple other activities throughout the years.

Funding for AHDA activities is entirely derived from contributions of member organizations and individual donors. No donations have ever been accepted from corporate, commercial or industry sources. Note that AHDA is a 501(c)6 as classified by the IRS. Your donation may not be tax deductible. 


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information


Raised: $1,996.95

Sara’s Warriors

Raised: $1,382.21


Raised: $1,250.34


Raised: $672.34


Raised: $642.79

Marching Migraineurs

Raised: $494.68

Vocal Vermonters

Raised: $336.36

Bay Area HOH Migraine Warriors!

Raised: $206.87

Melissas Warriors

Raised: $188.13

Kristen's Krushers

Raised: $164.92

Chronic Migraine Warrior

Raised: $162.18

BAM! Bulldogs Against Migraine

Raised: $107.82

Colonial Neurons Against Migraine

Raised: $50.00

DHMC headache

Raised: $49.93

BSW Headache Clinic

Raised: $27.64

Keep Calm & Be Visible

Raised: $27.64

My Migraine Life

Raised: $27.64

Team Neuro Nation

Raised: $27.64

Team Glascott

Raised: $12.50

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 26 Joel Weaver & Carol Taylor $54.36
Jul 14 Alexandra Bargoot Undisclosed amount
Jul 10 Sabrina Todd Your efforts are appreciated. Undisclosed amount
Jul 10 Katherine Cicco Go Katie $27.64
Jul 10 Patricia Haughton Thank you Undisclosed amount
Jul 08 Jimmy Antonio Lisotto $54.36
Jul 08 John & Karen Maher $27.64
Jul 08 Ron and Carol Dooley You are the migraine warrior 👍 $107.82
Jul 07 Noelle Schiller Undisclosed amount
Jul 07 Tom & Linda McGovern Our daughter has had severe migraines for 10 years. We truly appreciate your efforts to help in the awareness of migraine. $107.82