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AIDS and HIV are still a major issue today, 30 years after our first Pride Run.  COVID has expanded those needs tremendously.  Our efforts are still needed, people are still suffering, and we won't stop until there is a cure.    

We ask that you will be generous this year and assist in helping us with the Virtual Atlanta Pride Run.

Team members

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Thomas Barker

Raised: $1,333.03

Team captain

Bernie Colligan

Raised: $1,060.00

Jared Hunter

Raised: $970.00

Terrence Curry

Raised: $780.00

Todd Henry

Raised: $250.00

David Grudzien

Raised: $188.08

Ronnie Stewart

Raised: $160.40

Anthony Chiu

Raised: $137.48

Jason Roberts

Raised: $114.10

Colton Nettleton

Raised: $80.00

Cortland Walton

Raised: $0.00

Michael Coughlan

Raised: $0.00

Mike Stamboly

Raised: $0.00

Ravi Batra

Raised: $0.00

Rigel Cable

Raised: $0.00

stuart terrell

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Jul 07 Facebook Fundraiser $130.00
Jul 07 Wade Smith $267.10
Jul 01 DJ Pulce $25.00
Jun 30 Todd Henry $250.00
Jun 30 Philip Rafshoon $50.00
Jun 30 Kerry Schnitzlein $50.00
Jun 28 Greg Nettleton Undisclosed amount
Jun 28 Anonymous $30.00
Jun 26 David Grudzien $80.73
Jun 25 DMARCUS PULCE $60.00