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Help us raise money

For participating in Canada Army Run - Virtual

Help us raise money for participating in Canada Army Run - Virtual

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 12 Christopher Keirstead In honour of M J Bolger! Donation from Cathy (nee Bolger) Ivan, Jon-Michael, Chris, Sara, Clara & Chloe. $161.98
Sep 10 Pauline Zahalan In honour of my uncles and aunts who served in the Canadian Air Force during WWll $54.63
Sep 10 Norman F Trowell $108.31
Sep 04 Linda Go Julie!!!!! In honour of Mr. Clarence Bolger who toasted me at my wedding. Undisclosed amount
Aug 13 In honour of MJ Bolger Happy birthday mom! $54.63
Aug 09 Jennifer Trowell In honour of my grandfather, Michael J. Bolger who fought in WWII. $54.63
Jul 14 Patrick Enright $27.80
Jul 11 Laury Foubert Cannot partipate physically virtually or otherwise. Am honoured to make a donation to represents all Bolger Enright Totten Zahalans. $108.31
Jul 10 Anonymous $108.31
Jul 10 Mary Lou Trowell In honour of my Dad and his brothers who served overseas for Canada $54.63