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For participating in Miles for Migraine - Winston-Salem 2020

My Story…

Hi! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Amanda and I’ve had Migraine for over 14 years. My form of the disease is highly resistant to treatment. So resistant, in fact, that I’ve had non-stop attacks during the last 14 years. My symptoms range from headache and nausea, to partial blindness, loss of language, tremors, and even stroke-like symptoms. Migraine is a spectrum disease. Every patient experiences it different. And for many, it’s disabling for only a few hours or days. But for people like me? It’s a life changing disability. The money I raise here will go to Wake Forest’s headache fellowship. This program helps train doctors to better treat Migraine. Wake Forest also has Brenner Children’s. They are pioneering pediatric treatment of this awful disease at that hospital. It’s my hope that with early, appropriate treatment, children will be able to avoid disease progression, and live a productive life free from the pain and distress Migraine causes.

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Sep 30 Betsy Johnson $25.00
Sep 30 Penny Story $50.00
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Aug 31 Facebook Fundraiser $160.00