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Cumberland Community Forest Society

Raise money for Cumberland Community Forest Society

The Perseverance Trail Run course includes significant areas of at risk forest area including trails like Space Nugget, Black Hole and Bronco's Perseverance. The Cumberland Community Forest Society is a grassroots community based organization dedicated to purchasing and protecting threatened forest lands surrounding Cumberland on Vancouver Island BC. This ecologically rich forest is filled with creeks, streams, wetlands, habitat and and a incredible trail network used by community members and visitors of all ages. Make a donation today to support the good work of The Cumberland Community Forest Society!

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Oct 25 Lenore DuGas The world needs this! $43.62
Oct 25 Anonymous $10.00
Oct 25 tkspooner Good work! Undisclosed amount
Oct 25 Diana Graham $54.31
Oct 25 Melissa Ellix $27.60
Oct 25 Jolene Turney $27.60
Oct 25 Karsha Dunn Undisclosed amount
Oct 25 Barbara Polehoykie $11.58
Oct 25 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Oct 25 Penny Leishman and Vern $27.60