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Help Jasper raise money

For participating in 2020 Virtual Perseverance Trail Run

My Story…

I think running is a good way to exercise.  We need more places to run.  When I am running I feel amazing and I think people who haven't tried it should try it.  I like to run in the north east woods because of the sand pits and because of the twisty turning trails.  Sandpits (if you don't know) are places where there is alot of sand of course; usually there is a hill so you can run down the hill and run back up.  After you do that ten times you start feeling sick, so it is a good time to stop.   We need more places like that.  I like to run with my friends Simon, Fred, Cade, Hudson, William, Henry and Cameron.   I am inspired to run by Terry Fox .  He is an amazing runner.  He never gave up.  Also, I am inspired by Jasper Blake. He is a triathlete who did alot (and I mean ALOT) of running, swimming and biking.  He lives in Victoria.  Thanks to all those people who watched our COVID Cross Country videos in the spring.  It was inspiring to think of our friends in Ontario and BC running after watching our videos.  Over and out. Jasper

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 21 Sienna and Gabrielle Wow! Great work cousin! We are proud of you!! $27.60
Oct 21 Nielsen Romero Crew Well done Jasper and family. We're are proud of you! We're running with you in spirit. $27.60
Oct 21 Madeleine You inspire ME! Undisclosed amount
Oct 17 The grundledood I,m proud of you! $43.62
Oct 17 Conrad & Nancy Watters Jasper, good focus and cause. We remember your mother involving her school to buy some Costa Rico rain a kid. Just Do it! Onward Undisclosed amount
Oct 17 Alison Bullock Good for you Jasper! $27.60
Oct 17 The Chilli-Bullocks $27.60
Oct 16 Suzanne Watters $10.00
Oct 16 Suzanne Watters Give it all you got guys! $10.00
Oct 16 Suzanne Watters Go grade 4 mud ninjas! $10.00