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My Story…

All my life I have had the outcast pets. I've fostered many animals of every kind, if I had to guess I'm positive more than 100 animals have had a stay in my home. I've been told I'm in over my head. I've been asked why I take on other peoples problems. I've been told more than once I wouldn't tame or save some of the worst ones. The guy in my profile picture, and his dad, would agree he was worth fighting for. He was worth loving through the tough parts until he was ready to go home. The day they join their families is by far my favorite days and I've been lucky to have many of those days. LBK9 has been the best rescue to work with. I know so many who do not put the care and quality into each pet that enters their group and for that I am very happy to support them every step of the way. I would appreciate all the shares and support also. Thank You!!!


I'm participating in LBK9's 5th Annual Tails 'n Trails 5K! Give on this page to support my run and help LBK9 continue their lifesaving dog rescue programs through the pandemic and beyond. No gift is too small and I appreciate your support! You can learn more about LBK9 at 

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