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Bedford MA Food Pantry

Raise money for Bedford MA Food Pantry

After several years participating in the Greater Boston Walk for Hunger, a local family decided to bring the fight against hunger closer to home. In January 1991 they began seeking volunteers and filing forms, and six months later the Bedford Community Table/Pantry became a reality. The organization has nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and is recognized as a charity by the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with the tax ID of 04-31288.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 25 Joyce Towle Undisclosed amount
Nov 25 Kathleen Buchanan Undisclosed amount
Nov 24 Kathryn Reiss Undisclosed amount
Nov 24 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Nov 24 Wayne & Patricia Springer $53.25
Nov 24 Gretchen Kind $53.25
Nov 24 Erin Glennon Undisclosed amount
Nov 24 Erin Glennon Undisclosed amount
Nov 24 Terri Scofield Thank you! Undisclosed amount
Nov 22 Ginny Crocker Undisclosed amount