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The Maddog Strong Foundation

Raise money for The Maddog Strong Foundation

The Maddog Strong Foundation was created to inspire teens and young adults to start a conversation with friends and family about organ and tissue donation.

Our goal is to educate our community about the life-saving need for everyone to register as an organ and tissue donation, and showing them why having that important conversation about their decision to be a donor can ultimately benefit the lives of others.


Click on a team below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Bruni

Raised: $727.05

Movin 4 Maddie

Raised: $511.84

Team ASyd

Raised: $459.53

Team Heidtke

Raised: $353.80

Rehm Team

Raised: $336.53


Raised: $253.68

The GIFTED Walkers

Raised: $216.41

Team Jamie

Raised: $200.64

Forge Fam

Raised: $189.78

Aspire Gymnastics

Raised: $162.31

The Maddie Milers

Raised: $153.73

Transplant Life Illinois

Raised: $107.44

The Unfamily

Raised: $82.44

Gift of Hope

Raised: $82.44

UW-La Crosse Gymnastics

Raised: $48.00


Fundraiser information

Jennifer Bruni

Raised: $727.05

Michelle Blackburn

Raised: $432.05

Cheryl Weiss

Raised: $267.10

Dawn Graham

Raised: $244.74

Eric Rehm

Raised: $185.30

James Jasper

Raised: $173.16

Megan Potaczek

Raised: $163.16

Kathy Carr

Raised: $163.16

Robert Horsey

Raised: $161.45

Danny Rehm

Raised: $151.23

Cyndi Grobmeier

Raised: $104.10

Trudy Sturino

Raised: $54.10

Julie Mills

Raised: $54.10

Michelle Jennings

Raised: $27.48

Leah Gleason

Raised: $27.48

Noel Guest

Raised: $27.48

Darla McKiernan

Raised: $27.48

Jen McKiernan

Raised: $27.48

Isa Rodriguez

Raised: $25.00


Raised: $22.15

Jacquelyn Handzik

Raised: $22.15

Amy Hahn

Raised: $11.50

Justine Barens

Raised: $6.18

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 29 Laura Brennan I enjoyed my 'virtual' run in Marion, IN! Thanks to Sam for getting the Hoosier Shakes team involved <3 Undisclosed amount
Jun 28 Anonymous $54.10
Jun 26 Team Jamie Team Jamie $27.48
Jun 26 Lauren, Tom and Rowan 💪🏼 $27.48
Jun 26 Jessica Quinn $27.48
Jun 26 Liz Gonzalez The heavens are SHINING down! $54.10
Jun 26 O neill electrical services inc $107.35
Jun 25 Kirsten Staley Go Team Jamie! We love you! $54.10
Jun 25 Marge Rucinski $54.10
Jun 25 Oakley $54.10