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For participating in 2021 Sporting Life Virtual 10k

Help me raise money to send kids with cancer to #CampOoch through the #SL10K

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My Story...

Thanks for visiting my SL10K fundraising page!

Since my mom passed away almost 14 years ago I run the Sporting Life 10K every year with my dad and brother in support of Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium.

My mom loved camp and she passed that along to my brother and I. Whether we were campers or staff members we made so many of our best friends and memories at camp.

A year into the pandemic the kids and families of the Ooch & Trillium community need camp programs more than ever. 

With children in-hospital and in-person camp limited this summer it's vital that we reach every child and family affected by childhood cancer to bring them the magic of camp.

If you'd like to know more about our virtual programming and how we are reaching our community, I'm happy to chat with you about that.

I appreciate the support - every donation matters!


Michael Scarlett


A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant. 

For affected kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Camp Ooch offers a hopeful journey, where kids with cancer can just be kids, and families connect with a community of strength and support when they need it the most. 

They are much more than a summer camp—they offer the social cure for childhood cancer. Their camp-inspired programs deliver fun, friendship, and community to 1,900 kids and 745 families year-round, all across Ontario. As a response to COVID-19, virtual camp and in-hospital programs continue to reach kids and families living in isolation, wherever they are.

Please consider making a donation to my fundraising efforts—your gift will make a world of difference!

Cancer changes a child’s life. So does camp. And so can you. 


Recent donors

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Apr 18 Jamie Scarlett $268.93
Apr 17 Matthew Goodz Undisclosed amount
Mar 19 Alexia In loving memory of kind and beautiful Debbie. Undisclosed amount
Mar 19 Tiff Haxell $22.03