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From the great outdoors to hospital floors—at camp or online—Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium is there for kids affected by childhood cancer and their families. We're running in the Sporting Life Virtual 10k to make a difference in their lives—join us!


A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant.

For affected kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Camp Ooch offers a hopeful journey, where kids with cancer can just be kids, and families connect with a community of strength and support when they need it the most. 

They are much more than a summer camp—they offer the social cure for childhood cancer. Their camp-inspired programs deliver fun, friendship, and community to 1,900 kids and 745 families year-round, all across Ontario. As a response to COVID-19, virtual camp and in-hospital programs continue to reach kids and families living in isolation, wherever they are.

Please consider making a donation to our fundraising efforts—your gift will make a world of difference!

Cancer changes a child’s life. So does camp. And so can you. 

Team members

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Brock Mercer

Raised: $3,876.59

Theresa Rohmer

Raised: $1,573.06

Hilda Cosmidis

Raised: $1,205.05

Jason Legere

Raised: $1,093.25

Ryan Renaud

Raised: $1,000.00

Ryan Jarvis

Raised: $907.79

Trish O'Neill

Raised: $846.33

Willy Tshibungu

Raised: $737.99

Kym Meisner

Raised: $661.05

Megan Jeffery

Raised: $616.54

Shannon McLeish

Raised: $605.32

Lynne Piette

Raised: $586.74

Adrienne Falzon

Raised: $562.76

Thomas Tetzlaff

Raised: $554.24

Dave O'Neill

Raised: $533.90

Tiffany VanDeVelde

Raised: $405.95

Jennifer Klepadlo

Raised: $397.85

Team captain

Kathleen Ladewig

Raised: $389.83

Olivia Horner

Raised: $362.72

Dylan Kopschinsky

Raised: $324.76

Raseeka Rahumathulla

Raised: $323.73

Kristen Gordon

Raised: $320.06

Paul LeMenn

Raised: $319.50

Ethan Kopschinsky

Raised: $319.39

Mark Dicks

Raised: $271.20

Vicky Boudreau

Raised: $270.06

Michael Marschner

Raised: $262.72

Jonathan Yerly

Raised: $261.02

Scott Hollinshead

Raised: $254.53

Kenneth O'Hagan

Raised: $254.42

Jeff Lambert

Raised: $243.23

Mark Cramer

Raised: $219.26

Warren Hoffner

Raised: $215.82

Shireene Assaad

Raised: $215.82

Fanny Brodin

Raised: $215.82

Mayuran Vallipuram

Raised: $215.26

Brittany Cramer

Raised: $202.74

Cailey Nedkov

Raised: $198.10

Alexandre Baril

Raised: $190.13

Alex Cramer

Raised: $174.00

Jenny Ma

Raised: $162.72

Carling Sinyard

Raised: $158.48

Julie Zayac

Raised: $153.68

Katy Sotomayor

Raised: $153.11

Lauren Bliss

Raised: $150.00

Jessica Lawrence

Raised: $150.00

Derek Osborne

Raised: $134.75

Sarah Osborne

Raised: $134.75

Martin Frappier

Raised: $132.23

Marie-Victoire Zamor

Raised: $108.48

Traci Sinyard

Raised: $108.48

Bilal Kobeissi

Raised: $107.91

Maribel Arce Rojas

Raised: $107.91

Tim Sawatzki

Raised: $107.91

Tina Pulzer

Raised: $87.01

Celeste Bones

Raised: $76.27

Jaigan Mckenley

Raised: $76.27


Raised: $60.18

Atash Khosrorad

Raised: $54.24

Erika Dafoe

Raised: $54.24

Raine Sinyard

Raised: $54.24

Shibani Balvally

Raised: $49.44

Neha Henry

Raised: $49.44

Robert Fyfe

Raised: $49.44

Kelly Vale

Raised: $47.29

Chantal Sutton

Raised: $44.06

Jigar Rajani

Raised: $27.41

Krystle Jagon

Raised: $22.03

Lily Jeffery

Raised: $0.00

Tatiana Siuchak

Raised: $0.00

Tanya Scarlett

Raised: $0.00

Sydney Flora-Kirsch

Raised: $0.00

Ryan Bones

Raised: $0.00

Pierre Boutin

Raised: $0.00

Paul Rossen

Raised: $0.00

Michelle Poles

Raised: $0.00

Matt Shoom-Kirsch

Raised: $0.00

Maia Bones

Raised: $0.00

Aliana Jeffery

Raised: $0.00

Joey Zhou

Raised: $0.00

Jennifer Garcia

Raised: $0.00

Greg Krysa

Raised: $0.00

Elizabeth Perovic

Raised: $0.00

Elena Boutin

Raised: $0.00

Darlene Horner

Raised: $0.00

Danny Perovic

Raised: $0.00

Corina Wilkes

Raised: $0.00

Ben Hall

Raised: $0.00

Bailey Flora-Kirsch

Raised: $0.00

Andrew Jeffery

Raised: $0.00

Thomas Ramos

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 16 Ron Kasper Undisclosed amount
May 16 Myra Falzon Awesome job, Adrienne! God bless you in all that you do. Undisclosed amount
May 15 Becky van zeyl $38.14
May 15 Colin $54.24
May 15 The Robsons Way to go Scott!! $107.91
May 15 Scott Hollinshead $54.24
May 14 Gary Barnes $100.00
May 14 Jeff McKee Nice work Willy. Undisclosed amount
May 13 Christina and Graham You are an inspiration to all, Jen! Congrats to you and your boys on a great run. 😊 $54.24
May 12 Gene Undisclosed amount