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From the great outdoors to hospital floors—at camp or online—Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium is there for kids affected by childhood cancer and their families. We're running in the Sporting Life Virtual 10k to make a difference in their lives—join us!


A diagnosis of childhood cancer changes life in an instant.

For affected kids and families, it can suddenly feel like everything is about cancer. Camp Ooch offers a hopeful journey, where kids with cancer can just be kids, and families connect with a community of strength and support when they need it the most. 

They are much more than a summer camp—they offer the social cure for childhood cancer. Their camp-inspired programs deliver fun, friendship, and community to 1,900 kids and 745 families year-round, all across Ontario. As a response to COVID-19, virtual camp and in-hospital programs continue to reach kids and families living in isolation, wherever they are.

Please consider making a donation to our fundraising efforts—your gift will make a world of difference!

Cancer changes a child’s life. So does camp. And so can you. 

Team members

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Ryan Hassan

Raised: $11,400.59

Derek Boyer

Raised: $3,850.85

Team captain

Dave Gaul

Raised: $2,402.26

Jordan Polgar

Raised: $1,948.89

François Allard-Cramer

Raised: $1,533.28

Aaron Bhat

Raised: $1,221.76

Tanya Angevaare

Raised: $662.62

Sean McCarthy

Raised: $604.82

Joanne Holmes

Raised: $603.23


Raised: $579.68

Erin Gauthier

Raised: $532.79

Darren Bovingdon

Raised: $422.88

Alex Nardi

Raised: $405.95

Erin Fewer

Raised: $351.00

Shelly Walia

Raised: $331.65

Janette Garza Barrios

Raised: $323.74

Andrew Ragbirsingh

Raised: $320.34

Genevieve Barber

Raised: $318.93

Michael McLaughlin

Raised: $315.82

Luis Yabar

Raised: $302.85

Sherriden Vade

Raised: $291.54

Amanda Santi

Raised: $284.75

Tina Mancuso

Raised: $234.06

Alexis Folk

Raised: $215.82

Deanna Simon

Raised: $215.26

Jacqui Hutchinson

Raised: $207.80

Cheeraz Fouad

Raised: $195.91

Rebecca Bernard

Raised: $190.71

Rachel Siochi

Raised: $162.15

Pierre-Marc Lariviere

Raised: $161.58

Jennifer Carman

Raised: $150.00

Basia Ujejski

Raised: $131.03

Krista Foster

Raised: $126.27

Cheryl Hutcheon

Raised: $108.48

Kimberly Nicholls

Raised: $107.91

Jonathan Chen

Raised: $77.41

Daphne Chen

Raised: $76.27

Chad Hutcheon

Raised: $54.24

Pierre Lussier

Raised: $50.00

Anastasia Turcanu

Raised: $50.00

Jordan Beaudoin

Raised: $50.00

Divya Thakur

Raised: $0.00

Erin Boyer

Raised: $0.00

Faiza Rizwan

Raised: $0.00

Gabrielle Chevalier

Raised: $0.00

Jessica Boyer

Raised: $0.00

Laura Ashley

Raised: $0.00

Nathan Boyer

Raised: $0.00

Sara Gill

Raised: $0.00

Sherry Wu

Raised: $0.00

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
May 16 Rusty Lockhary $54.24
May 15 Memere & Pepere $27.41
May 15 Carol $107.91
May 15 Shawna Rocha 💖 $54.24
May 14 TLee I'm happy to support such a wonderful cause. Go, Erin, goooooo!!! $27.41
May 14 Ann Beatty $27.41
May 14 James A. Beatty $27.41
May 14 Robert $107.91
May 14 John and Barbara Fleming Way to go, Sean and Sony! $500.00
May 13 Bobby S Well Done Francois on taking this initiative to help raise funds to fight Cancer. 10x10kms Superman! $107.91