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My name is Patrick, and I am registered with the Concussion Legacy Foundation as “Brain Donor #2032.” I gained my head trauma from being a reckless youth, not a student athlete. Instead of being hit in football games, I was running head-first into school lockers, trees, street signs, or just smashing full soda cans into my forehead. For the most part, it was just for a laugh, but every once in awhile, I’d see “stars” and have dizzy spells. Now, approaching 50, I want to warn kids that they can suffer severe damage to themselves in school without being an athlete. These days, I have severe headaches, migraines, depression, and rapid mood swings that have ended countless friendships and relationships beyond repair. I have signed up to donate my brain as a warning to other reckless youth.

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Apr 15 Anonymous A mind is a terrible thing to damage. $27.68