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For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021

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My Story…

It is an honour to run this year's Calgary Marathon in support of Trellis. Please join me in giving generously so that I can make every step count. At Trellis, we support people growing to their full potential, so in a way, each donation is a bit of sunlight, water, warmth and nutrients to help others grow. Thank you for considering this act of generosity!


Thank you for visiting our page! We need your help to make an impact this year!

We work to end youth and family homelessness and create spaces for belonging and exploration in our community. We provide education and employment connections and ensure a safe home environment for youth and children whether that be through foster care, group care or in their own home. And we support deeper connections by meeting people where they are, across all cultures, languages and diversity spectrums. Trellis is committed to empowering individuals and communities with the support they need to grow beyond life’s challenges and reach their dreams. 

We invite your donations to the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon in support of Trellis. Your contribution will restore hope and possibility to those who would otherwise be without. To learn more about our Sustainable Families program, and how your efforts will make a difference, visit the Trellis website here.

Thank you!


Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 25 Other Jefd Undisclosed amount
Sep 20 Matt and Katie Jorgensen $100.00
Sep 18 Richard Bartrem and CJ Walker Go Jeff! Thank you for all you do for our community. $500.00
Sep 17 Sarah Wuntke Thanks for all you do in support of children, youth and families in Calgary! $250.00
Sep 15 Dan Ouimet Excited to support this great organization and their great team doing important work. Keep running Jeff! $100.00
Sep 09 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jun 03 Andrew & Anna Trevoy $500.00
May 12 Bruce G. I am glad to help with this important work. $500.00
May 08 Jeff Dyer $1,000.00