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Help Jessica raise money

For participating in Scotiabank Calgary Marathon 2021

My Story…

I'm running with Team UP to support the Never Too Late Program - a community-based program that gives adults, many of them parents, a second chance at completing their high school education. Our team believes that education can change your life, no matter how old you's Never Too Late! 

I ran my first (and only!) 10K in 2012 and had planned to begin training for a half-marathon…but then broke three bones in my feet following an unfortunate fall at my nephew’s first birthday party. The break, and then surgery almost two years later, slowed me down for a while. After a ton of physio and a few years of ‘recreational jogging’, I finally felt ready this year for a (5k!) race.  

When I trained in 2012, I was all about getting my time down. Now, my daughter joins me for my training runs, calling herself my “coach”. As I run and she rolls (in the stroller), we’re working on two life lessons:

1) Exercise helps us feel healthier and happier 

2) Having fun is more important than being fast 

So far, life lesson #1 appears to be sinking in. It appears, however, she may have inherited some of my competitiveness: when I ask what’s more important, having fun or going fast, she has consistently answered “GOING FAST!”.  

I’ll just be doing my best, happy to be spending the time with my daughter and Team UP. I’ll tell anyone else who crosses the finish line with me about the first birthday wipe out. Go Team UP!


What would your life look like if you didn’t graduate from high school? Would your family have the same opportunities? Where would you be…right…now? Many Calgarians face barriers to getting an education. CFS and UP provide no-cost academic, social, and emotional support to young and adult learners looking to graduate. We serve anyone who would benefit from a safe, supportive classroom - regardless of where they come from, who they choose to love, how much money they have, or where they go to pray. We invite you to support your community for success in school and build strong families.



Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Sep 20 Rosaline Akinokun Bravo to the young "coach" and Mum! Undisclosed amount
Sep 18 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Sep 18 Don & Annette Cope SO proud of the work you do!!! $200.00
Sep 18 Bev and Sean Williams $100.00
Sep 18 Derek Well done Jessica! Bravo! Undisclosed amount
Sep 17 Jessica O’Grady ❤️ $25.00
Sep 17 Linda Wellman Good luck with your fundraising campaign. You certainly do important work that truly transforms lives. $50.00
Sep 17 Steven & Teresa Go Jess! $100.00
Sep 06 Anonymous $100.00
Sep 06 Karen Unger Undisclosed amount