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Sutter Institute for Health and Healing provides integrative healing services such as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, nutritional consultation, psychotherapy and a wide range of body work services. With philanthropic support, we can provide these services free to people diagnosed with cancer in Sonoma County.

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 13 Mari Bindels Undisclosed amount
May 12 Tammy Cotter You go girl!!!!! Thanks for raising money for such an important a "thriver" I'm grateful! $27.48
May 12 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 12 Dawn You got this :-) $27.48
May 10 Brynne Mower $27.48
May 10 Anonymous $27.48
May 09 Marybeth Temples $27.48
May 07 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
May 07 Alyssa Roy $54.10
May 04 Maxine Bayley $27.48