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Help Mary raise money

For participating in 2021 Five Fifty Fifty Run/Walk for Mental Health

Why I'm Raising Money

Hi, friends! 

If you know me, you know I've been very open about my mental health struggles throughout the past few years. When I was younger, I almost died from Anaphylactic shock. The ambulance told me that if they had arrived two minutes later than they did, I would have died. Later on in life, this manifested itself in my life as PTSD. I suffered years of anxiety and panic attacks, weight loss, and depression. Once I found my personal balance of medication, therapy, and exercise, I thankfully came out on the other side. In no way am I miraculously healed, but I'm at a place now where I can identify what I'm going through, work through it, and tackle it head-on in a healthier way.  I'd love any donations to help me get to my goal, and help to raise money and awareness for mental health! 

"One in five adults in the United States is diagnosed with a mental illness - that’s over 65 million people! Over half of those individuals don’t receive care. We’re on a mission to increase awareness surrounding the prevalence of mental health diagnoses, and the staggering difficulties that individuals face navigating mental health care in this country. From affordable and accessible care to removing the stigma, we’re partnering with other mental health organizations to provide advocacy, education and research funding. Our mental health and our physical health are connected, so let’s make the world a better place for those suffering with mental illnesses!" - AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health


AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health partners with other mental health organizations to reduce stigma, advocate for access, and provide grants for mental health research, literacy and education.


Recent Donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 22 Katie P love u long time $54.10
Apr 21 Taylor W 🤍 $11.50
Apr 21 Marc So proud of you ❤️ $107.35
Apr 21 Anonymous Mum $67.95
Apr 15 P&S XO $27.48
Apr 15 Padula Family We love you Mary!!! ❤️ $267.10
Apr 15 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 15 Sage Roberts Thank you for bringing attention to such an important issue and normalizing getting help!! $27.48
Apr 15 Apex Photos of South Florida For my soon to be daughter-in-law go mary go mary $27.48
Apr 15 Michael Wilson PROUD OF YOU. $27.48