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The Regina Food Bank is a charitable community based organization working to eliminate hunger and food insecurity through nutritious food distribution, education and support programs in partnership and cooperation with the community.

Feeding a community is much more than the provision of food. We continue to innovate and provide services and supports that address the complex long term issues that create hunger and food insecurity.

We are neighbors feeding neighbors. These neighbors are our clients. In this city we rally around each other. We always have. This bond is the heartbeat of Regina.

The staff, volunteers, and donors of the Regina Food Bank feed hope. We do this with food – the ultimate connector that brings people together.

We are a charitable community-based organization working to fight food insecurity through nutritious food distribution, education, and support programs.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 16 Vicki $54.55
Sep 13 Rhonda Renwick $50.00
Sep 13 Jean & Marcel $27.75
Sep 13 Bonnie Mcbride $27.75
Sep 10 Anonymous $54.55
Sep 09 Anonymous $54.55
Sep 09 Nicole $27.75
Sep 09 Ameen Bery You are inspiring Chantelle! $22.39
Sep 08 Karen Hackl $54.55
Sep 08 Jen Demers So proud of you Calista!! xo $27.75