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Rainbow Youth Centre

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Empowered youth, family, community.


To engage, educate, and inspire youth and families to lead healthy lives.

Rainbow Youth Centre provides a comprehensive program of activities and services aimed at helping young people prepare for the transition from adolescence to a healthy and productive independ­ent adult lifestyle.     

In operation since 1982, Rainbow works with young people aged 11-19 years in a variety of individual and group support, skill development, educational, recreational and direct service programs. Rainbow is also working with young adults 20-25 in specific programs. 

Youth require skills, appreciation of themselves and a sense of responsibility for their actions.  At Rainbow, we provide opportunities for youth to be appreciated in the process of acquiring skills, and as well to take active responsible roles at the Centre. At Rainbow, we work to create opportunities for youth to recognize their self-worth.

Program Summaries

Road to Employment

The Road to Employment Program is a yearlong program for youth 18 to 25 years of age who are unemployed, who have not finished high school, have a lack of job experience, and do not have a driver license. The objective of the program is to help youth reduce the barriers they face in finding employment. 

Youth Skills Program

This group based program educates young people on the skills associated with building effective relationships.  The program encourages people to accept responsibility for their behavior and choices.  Youth people are learning to problem solve and resolve conflicts without violence. 


KidsFirst is a voluntary early intervention/prevention program that is designed to support families with children prenatal to age five who are living in vulnerable situations or environments. 


YouthCARE consists of:  after school activities, a meal program, evening activities, the Saturday Taking C.A.R.E program (with a focus on volunteerism), case management (including engagement, assessment, care planning, and referral), on going support for youth (individually based), and community networking

Young Parent Program

This project is designed to work with young parents at-risk through group work, home visits, referrals and advocacy.

  Here at Rainbow Youth Centre, our mission is to engage, educate, and inspire youth and families to lead healthy lives.  Your generous contribution is  very much appreciated.  Thank you!


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Recent donors
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