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International Welcome Center

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The International Welcome Center exists explain and show the love of Christ to refugees and immigrants while following the laws of the land to help them become legal citizens or maintain a legal immigrant status.

When a refugee flees to a refugee camp, they find a NEW LIFE.  When a refugee is invited to America, they are given LIBERTY.  It is our mission to help refugees pursue happiness and experience God's Love.   

The International Welcome Center is a training/resource center for refugees and immigrants who are resettling in the Akron/Canton area. The purpose of the International Welcome Center (IWC) is to explain and show the love of Christ by providing services that help meet the unique needs of the foreign born while following all local and federal laws. 

We are asking you to help us empower the foreign born in their pursuit of happiness by supporting the various services the IWC provides through legal aid, life skills and transportation services.  


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Sep 19 Michael Hercules Undisclosed amount
Aug 20 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Jul 29 Anonymous $25.00
Jul 25 Kim McBennett $25.00
Jun 27 Hillary + Emi we love you! Undisclosed amount
Jun 22 Anonymous Goodluck to all of the runners that are supporting the IWC! We love the IWC and the incredible work they do! Undisclosed amount
Jun 09 WJHS Good luck, Tony! Undisclosed amount
Jun 08 Miranda Burley $15.00
May 23 Emily Kaiser Undisclosed amount