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Help Aaron raise money

For participating in 2021 FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay

My Story…

Why Be So Audacious in Akron?
Aaron has four compelling reasons to tackle this audacious goal but just one single reason why he chose the Akron Marathon – Aaron was born in Akron.  
1. He is running to get back to what he was prior to being shot.   Aaron was on the verge of turning professional in the trail running world when he was shot 5 times trying to save the lives of his coworkers. Any competitive athlete who has suffered an injury or an illness wants to return to the previous level if possible. That is Aaron’s quest.
2. He runs to fight off PTSD, build his mental health, and be healthy. He has found running to be the best treatment. Runners know running marathons is a mental game. He is determined to win this battle. That is Aaron’s task.  
3. He’s the Running Servant. This isn’t for ego but to live out his heavenly mission. As a man of faith, he believes he is running to help others as God would have him. His goal is to help others make the changes they want and need to make. That’s Aaron’s mission, serving God by helping others. That’s why he is #RunningServant.
4. Aaron’s purpose this year is to fund St. Jude’s Hospital and one little boy. Aiden, a little boy afflicted with several childhood diseases, caught his attention at the Chicago marathon. He immediately prayed for him as he heard God telling him to help. He had done that before, but the image of Aiden persisted in his mind and spirit.  He is running in 2021 to raise funds on behalf of Aiden. Check it out. #IrunforAiden.


Thank you for visiting my Children’s Champion fundraising page! While I train for the Blue Line I’m going the extra mile and raising money for the patients at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Akron Children’s is 100% dedicated to protecting, preserving and enriching every moment in a child’s life – from birth to graduation day. From wellness visits that keep sick days at bay to breakthrough procedures that make healthier futures possible, they’re devoted to the very best patient outcomes and to bringing more to every childhood.

Your gift gives our kids more of what matters. More smiles. More playtime. More belly laughs.

More childhood.

Thank you for your support!


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