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Help Holly raise money

For participating in 2021 FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay

My Story…

Running2bWell provides Running Shoes to each group member after they attend 3 groups... such a blessing to have the donations from  others for this to be made possible. 

I was one of the first at Running2bWell to get my Running Shoes from Running2BWell back in 2016.. I had been running for a year... and had just joined Running2BWell and here Keith was.. putting me into a brand-new pair of running shoes. I didn't know running had its own shoes. First thought running in them... "Wow.. my feet can breathe. These things are light" I cried... I had been so blessed. Nobody ever had done something like that for me. 

But it wasn't just the shoes... it was a place I belonged in a world I felt like I didn't belong in. I have mental illness.. and Keith told me that "I was right where I belonged".. lets just say... Running2BWell started a new family for me that I love and cherish for all of my days!



We help individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues improve their lives through regular exercise and healthier life choices. We offer structured group walk/runs led by volunteer mentors in a safe environment to build positive supports. Our major program expense consists of providing a new pair of running shoes to individuals who attend at least three groups. We believe this motivates the individual to continue to return and mitigate potential injury from wearing improper shoes.

Donate to help Holly raise money for 2021 FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay’s fundraising campaign.


Recent donors

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Jul 09 Holly Jean $25.00
Jul 09 Faithful Feet Running & Walking For Good Causes $25.00
Jun 28 Samantha Seume $25.00
Jun 27 Rhonda Gulledge $25.00