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For more than 50 years, the University of Minnesota has led the world in pioneering innovations in heart health - especially for children with congenital heart defects and other cardiovascular disease. University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital is driving the boldest advances in pediatric cardiovascular research, care and education to save and extend the lives of more children than ever before. With wide-ranging expertise, innovative devices, and novel techniques, we are dramatically changing the lives of pediatric patients with heart disease.  


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Team information

Mason Memorial Team

Raised: $928.80


Raised: $691.40

We don't have to, We get to.

Raised: $364.00


Raised: $328.00


Raised: $265.20

Diva Dad Dash Crew

Raised: $192.40

Carlson MBA Team

Raised: $187.20

Kipp’s Kind Heart

Raised: $130.00

Team GSP

Raised: $104.00

Team Thrivent

Raised: $78.00

Team Stakston

Raised: $52.00

Brawny Bowstringers

Raised: $52.00

APO Gamma Psi

Raised: $46.80

School of Social Work Contenders!

Raised: $41.60

Team Bennett

Raised: $26.00

Team Spector

Raised: $26.00

Laugh Track

Raised: $26.00

Phoenix Suns

Raised: $26.00

Kretsch family

Raised: $26.00

Team Go

Raised: $10.40

Minnia Runs

Raised: $5.20

Cheeseheads and Mud Ducks

Raised: $5.20

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Apr 14 Kevin Sorenson Run, Steph! Run!!! It’s for the kids. And, Go Gophers! $104.00
Apr 14 Nick Eberhardt $7.28
Apr 14 Mom and Mish Good luck, Hon! $52.00
Apr 14 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 13 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Apr 13 Anonymous Go for it!! $52.00
Apr 13 Gina w Go run my friend $52.00
Apr 13 Shannon Gordhamer Go Jen go! Proud of you my friend. Undisclosed amount
Apr 12 Sandy Phillips Go for it Steph - glad you're feeling up to this! $26.00
Apr 12 Eric St. Martin Have a great run Stephanie! $26.00