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For participating in Team Stop the Clot® Presents The 100,000 Reasons Ride

My Story

The morning of June 8, 2018 was a routine NYC morning for me.  While walking back to my apartment, I developed shortness of breath so severe I could not walk more than a foot without holding on to the side of a building.  I ended up in the emergency room where, after almost 8 hours of tests it was finally determined that I had suffered a bilateral pulmonary embolism - a fancy phrase for blood clots in my lungs.  Like many patients, when I finally left the hospital, I did so without any information!  I was terrified that I was going to die.  And so began my blood clot journey, a journey which brought me to the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA).  

I quickly learned how little people know about blood clots and how very, very lucky I am to be alive.  Angered by the lack of awareness of this public health crisis, I joined the Board of NBCA, where we work tirelessly to educate people and raise awareness of this terrible disease.  Here I have met other patients, caregivers, people and families who have been impacted by blood clots.  People like Frank and his wife Amy and their 5 beautiful children.  

Young, energetic and a devoted Mom, Amy awoke on July 1st to a racing heart and could not breathe or see clearly.  Taken to a local hospital, she experienced an acute massive pulmonary embolism.  Two days later, she passed away leaving Frank a widow with 5 young children.  Doctors told Frank that Amy may have gotten her blood clot from taking hormonal birth control, a risk factor for developing blood clots.  Amy did not have to die.  

This March is Blood Clot Awareness Month.  In an effort to raise awareness and education about blood clots, NBCA has organized the “100,000 Reasons to Ride” honoring the 100,000 lives lost each year to blood clots.  My team is riding to honor Amy.  Please join me, Frank, and his 5 beautiful children Savannah, Martin, Shaun, Katy, and Thomas in helping to raise critical funds to support NBCA's life-saving programs and services. I have a personal goal to raise $100,000 for this event.  Please help reach my goal.  With your help we can prevent so many blood clot related deaths.

With gratitude,



(Amy, Frank, Savannah, Martin, Shaun, Katy, and Thomas)


If you prefer to donate via ACH, please use the information below for The National Blood Clot Alliance PNC Banking:

Pay Routing/Transit number: ABA 021052053

Account Number: 99340065


The National Blood Clot Alliance (NCBA) is gearing up for Blood Clot Awareness Month this year in a BIG way! In honor of the 100,000 lives lost each year to blood clots, NBCA is setting out to RIDE 100,000 miles, RAISE $100,000 and REACH 100,000 people. 


I'm teaming up with NBCA’s Team Stop the Clot® for a 31-day virtual ride challenge throughout the month of March to help raise these critical funds to support NBCA’s programs and services. 


NBCA's mission means a lot to me personally. Your donation of any amount will help support National Blood Clot Alliance’s vision of creating a future in which fewer lives are lost to preventable blood clots.  

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Apr 13 Shannon Fitzgerald $54.10
Apr 12 Team SoMa in support of Stop the Clot Leslie -- you and VTE Village are an inspiration. Best of luck on your ride! Undisclosed amount
Mar 31 Tal Simon $1,065.85
Mar 31 Ben Hanko Great cause - great team!! $533.35
Mar 16 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 09 Cindy Go Leslie! 🙌🥰 $107.35
Mar 05 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Feb 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount